​Welcome to my website.

My aim is to help people to learn ways to deal with stress in their lives. Many a time we can find things are out of our control, but still have to deal with the effect this has on our mind/body.

I run mindfulness in meditation classes to teach people to learn ways to relax their mind & body. We will talk about mindfulness and do different meditation techniques together. Look on the workshops page for where my next class is held.

​With my colleague Sue White we run de-stress workshops. Armed with an understanding of stress, and with practical tips that you can easily put into practise straight away, these workshops will help you take control of your stress response. We have a great deal of experience dealing with stress-induced symptoms, and that's why we developed this unique workshop - because we have seen first hand the huge relief that freedom from excess stress brings.

We also understand that when you feel stressed you don't need a deluge of information to concentrate on, and that feeling relaxed makes learning easy, so our workshops has three elements:

​Informative        Creative         Relaxing

​I'm a qualified Holistic Practitioner & To Teach Meditation

I do Reiki/Crystal Treatments

​Chakra Balancing & Cleansing​

​Teach Meditation

​De-stress Workshops

​Angel, Fairy & Tarot Card Readings & Spiritual Readings (I was born with this ability)

I make all the stock, wool angels and fairies that are on the main page plus lots more.